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Our Vision: Together, we are striving to co-create a happy, healthy, vibrant New Paltz!

Our Principles: We recognize the complexities of our shared humanity and strive to honor our diverse experiences. 

Our partnership is built upon the pillars of empathy, equality, and education to create opportunities and possibilities for all.

Our Purpose: Together, we are striving to:

​* Address the challenges members of our community are facing on a daily basis with empathy and compassion, 

* Work together to cultivate opportunities of shared passion and purpose, and

* Celebrate and strengthen our connection to this community and all that it has to offer.


In the power of compassion in action, commitment, and the heart of this community.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Thriving Together and the vision we are co-creating for our community. We hope that as you explore this website and learn more about this exciting collaborative, you will decide to join us. We are in this together and are committed to the vision, foundational principles, and purpose provided below. 

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